Atturo is a tire brand dedicated to the SUV, Cross Over and light truck market segment. We have moved beyond the low quality typical of private label tires and created a dependable product range to meet the needs of today's light truck owner. Whether you are replacing your original equipment tires, or upgrading to a larger size, Atturo offers a tire to enhance the performance and appearance of your truck at an affordable level.

Short course offroad racing is one of the fastest growing motorsports programs in the country.  The combination of massive horsepower, big jumps, hairpin turns, and door-to-door racing action keeps the audience coming back to the grandstand.  Atturo is proud to sponsor drivers in the Pro Lite class in both the TORC and Lucas Oil Offroad series - the premier programs for short course offroad racing.   Atturo focuses on Pro Lite class racing because it requires standard DOT tires. The Trail Blade M/T on our driver’s trucks is the exact same tire Atturo sells to consumers every day, and the harsh conditions our drivers put our tires through is the best ‘proving ground’ to show our customers that great tires do not have to cost a lot of money. 

Atturo keeps performance within reach!